Matteo Maria Boiardo

Matteo Maria Boiardo was an Italian Renaissance poet known for his epic poem 'Orlando Innamorato'. He was a significant literary figure of his time, contributing to the chivalric romance genre.


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  1. 1. Orlando Innamorato

    The book is an epic poem that blends history, myth, and chivalric romance, recounting the adventures of its eponymous hero, Orlando, a knight of Charlemagne's court. Set against the backdrop of the war between Charlemagne's Christian paladins and the Saracen army that has invaded Europe, the narrative weaves a complex tapestry of love, valor, and enchantment. The protagonist, driven by his unrequited love for the beautiful Angelica, faces numerous trials and battles, encountering wizards, mythical creatures, and various magical artifacts. The poem is notable for its rich interplay of fantasy and reality, as well as its influence on later literature, particularly in the development of the Renaissance chivalric epic.

    The 6195th Greatest Book of All Time