Dan Pagis

Dan Pagis was an Israeli poet, lecturer, and Holocaust survivor. He was born in Rădăuți, Romania, and later emigrated to Israel. Pagis is known for his poignant and powerful poetry, much of which reflects his experiences during the Holocaust.


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  1. 1. Selected Poems

    This collection is a curated anthology of poetry from a writer who was a Holocaust survivor and Israeli poet, offering a profound and often haunting exploration of themes such as memory, mortality, and the human experience. The poems are marked by their brevity and linguistic precision, often delving into the past and the indelible scars of history, while also touching on the universalities of love, pain, and the search for meaning. The poet's work is recognized for its innovative style, blending biblical, historical, and personal imagery to create a tapestry of reflection that resonates with readers across cultures and generations.

    The 9192nd Greatest Book of All Time