David Shahar

David Shahar (1926–1997) was an Israeli novelist and playwright known for his evocative portrayals of Jewish life in Jerusalem. His work often explores themes of love, human relationships, and the mystical aspects of existence. One of his notable contributions to literature is 'The Palace of Shattered Vessels', a series of novels that depict the complexities of life in Jerusalem from the late Ottoman period through the British Mandate and into the early years of the State of Israel.


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  1. 1. The Palace Of Shattered Vessels

    The book is a rich tapestry of life in Jerusalem during the British Mandate period, weaving together the stories of a diverse cast of characters, from a young Jewish boy to an aging British consul. Set against the backdrop of a city steeped in history and conflict, the narrative explores themes of love, loss, and the complexities of human relationships. As the characters' lives intersect in unexpected ways, the novel delves into the cultural and political tensions of the time, painting a vivid portrait of a society on the brink of monumental change. Through its lyrical prose and intricate storytelling, the book captures the essence of Jerusalem's enduring mystique and the fragile beauty of human experience.

    The 7168th Greatest Book of All Time