Lorraine Hansberry

Lorraine Hansberry was an American playwright and writer. She was the first African-American female author to have a play performed on Broadway. Her best-known work, 'A Raisin in the Sun,' highlights the struggles of a black family in Chicago.


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  1. 1. A Raisin In The Sun

    The play explores the dreams and struggles of a Black family living on Chicago's South Side in the 1950s. When the family receives a $10,000 insurance check after the father's death, each member has different ideas about how to use the money. The mother wishes to buy a house to fulfill her late husband's dream of providing a better home for the family, while her son wants to invest in a liquor store to secure their financial future. The daughter seeks to use part of the money for her medical school tuition. Their conflicting aspirations and the pervasive racism of the era put a strain on the family's unity and values, as they strive to find their place in a world that often seems to work against them.

    The 1019th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. To Be Young, Gifted, And Black

    The book is a posthumously published autobiography in the form of a montage of the late playwright's personal writings, letters, interviews, and journal entries. It offers an intimate look into the life of a trailblazing African American woman who navigated the complexities of identity, race, and gender in mid-20th-century America. Through her eloquent and passionate prose, the book captures the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement and the author's own struggles and triumphs as she became the first black woman to have a play performed on Broadway. It serves as an inspiring testament to her enduring legacy and the power of the written word to challenge societal norms.

    The 4942nd Greatest Book of All Time