Nic Stone

Nic Stone is an American author known for her works in young adult fiction. She is best known for her debut novel 'Dear Martin,' which addresses issues of race and social justice.


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  1. 1. Dear Martin

    The book follows the story of a bright African American teen who, after experiencing a traumatic encounter with racial profiling and police brutality, seeks guidance through a series of journal entries addressed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As he navigates the complexities of contemporary race relations, he attempts to understand what it means to live as a black man in today's America, striving to hold onto Dr. King's teachings amidst the pressures and prejudices of modern society. His journey is one of self-discovery, social critique, and the search for identity within a world still grappling with the deep-seated issues of racial inequality.

    The 9029th Greatest Book of All Time