Patrick DeWitt

Patrick DeWitt is a Canadian novelist and screenwriter, known for his darkly comic and quirky writing style. He gained widespread recognition with his second novel, 'The Sisters Brothers,' which won the Governor General's Award for English-language fiction and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. His other works include 'Ablutions: Notes for a Novel,' 'Undermajordomo Minor,' and 'French Exit.' DeWitt's novels often explore themes of identity, isolation, and the human condition, and are characterized by their wit and unique characterizations.


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  1. 1. The Sisters Brothers

    The book is a darkly comic, Western-inspired tale that follows the notorious sibling hitmen, Eli and Charlie Sisters, as they journey through the American frontier during the 1850s Gold Rush. Tasked with killing a prospector who has allegedly stolen from their employer, the brothers grapple with a series of increasingly bizarre and violent encounters. Along the way, Eli, the more introspective of the two, begins to question their life of crime and contemplates a different future, reflecting on themes of brotherhood, redemption, and the elusive nature of the American Dream.

    The 9707th Greatest Book of All Time