Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is a renowned German author of children's fiction. She is best known for her 'Inkheart' trilogy, which has gained widespread popularity and critical acclaim. Funke's fantasy novels often feature adventurous plots, magical elements, and richly imagined worlds. Her work has been translated into multiple languages and has won several awards, establishing her as a leading voice in children's literature.


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  1. 1. Inkheart

    The book revolves around a young girl named Meggie and her father Mo, who possesses a unique ability to bring characters from books to life by reading aloud. This gift, however, comes with a price, as they are entangled in a dangerous adventure when a villain from a fantasy book called "Inkheart" is accidentally summoned into the real world. As they struggle to fix the chaos caused by this crossover, they must navigate a treacherous world of magic and betrayal, while attempting to thwart the villain's sinister plans and protect the balance between reality and the fantastical realms of literature.

    The 3185th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Inkspell

    This novel transports readers back into a mesmerizing world where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. The story follows a young girl and her father, who possess the magical ability to bring book characters to life by reading aloud. As they navigate the challenges of the Inkworld, a place crafted from the pages of a book, they face a villain determined to exploit their powers for his own sinister purposes. Alongside a cast of vividly drawn characters, both human and otherwise, they embark on a quest to save the Inkworld from destruction, exploring themes of courage, loyalty, and the power of storytelling.

    The 8679th Greatest Book of All Time