Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is a bestselling Irish novelist known for her works that often feature elements of magical realism and romance. She gained fame with her debut novel 'PS, I Love You' which was later adapted into a popular film. Ahern has written several other books and contributes to film and television productions as well.


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  1. 1. P.S. I Love You

    The book revolves around a young widow whose life is shattered when her husband dies from a brain tumor. As she struggles with grief and the prospect of moving on, she discovers a series of letters her husband left behind, each ending with "P.S. I Love You." These letters, designed to help her cope with her loss and gradually guide her through her pain, lead her on a journey of rediscovery. Through the tasks and reflections prompted by the letters, she navigates the complexities of love, friendship, and healing, ultimately finding a path toward a new beginning.