Barbara Wood

Barbara Wood is an American author known for her historical and romance novels. She has written numerous bestsellers, often incorporating strong female protagonists and detailed settings that span different cultures and time periods. Her storytelling often intertwines elements of adventure, mystery, and love.


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  1. 1. Green City In The Sun

    Set against the backdrop of colonial Kenya, the novel is a sweeping saga that explores the intertwined lives of two families—one British and one Kikuyu—over several decades. As the British family establishes a vast estate and hospital in the Kenyan highlands, their presence and actions deeply affect the local Kikuyu people. The story delves into themes of colonialism, cultural conflict, love, betrayal, and the struggle for power. As the characters navigate personal and political upheavals, the narrative reveals the complexities of race relations and the impact of colonial rule on both the land and its people, culminating in a dramatic and emotional conclusion that reflects the broader historical changes taking place in the region.

    The 6081st Greatest Book of All Time