Rachel de Queiroz

Rachel de Queiroz was a renowned Brazilian author, translator, and journalist, born on November 17, 1910, in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. She was a pioneering woman in Brazilian literature and the first female writer to enter the Academia Brasileira de Letras. Her works often focus on the social issues of the Brazilian Northeast, including poverty, drought, and the struggles of women. She is best known for her debut novel, 'O Quinze' (The Year of the Drought), which depicts the lives of the people in the Northeast during the severe drought of 1915. Rachel de Queiroz's literary contributions have earned her numerous awards, including the prestigious Camões Prize. She passed away on November 4, 2003.


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  1. 1. Dora, Doralina

    This novel follows the journey of a young woman in early 20th-century Brazil as she breaks free from the constraints of a repressive household and an arranged marriage. Yearning for independence and driven by a rebellious spirit, she embarks on a transformative adventure that takes her from the conservative hinterlands to the more liberal coastal cities. Along the way, she encounters a variety of characters, confronts the challenges of a society in flux, and seeks to define her own identity against the backdrop of a country grappling with modernization and change. Her story is a poignant exploration of self-discovery, feminism, and the quest for personal freedom.

    The 3625th Greatest Book of All Time