Fran Leeper Buss

Fran Leeper Buss is an American author and oral historian known for her work documenting the lives of marginalized women.


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  1. 1. Forged Under The Sun

    "Forged Under The Sun" is a compelling narrative that chronicles the lives of Mexican-American women, offering a vivid portrayal of their struggles and resilience. The book is a collection of oral histories that weave together personal testimonies, revealing the cultural, social, and economic challenges these women faced. It delves into their experiences with immigration, labor, family, and community, painting a picture of their determination to forge identities and lives under often harsh and unforgiving circumstances. The stories serve as a testament to the strength and endurance of these women, as they navigate and shape the world around them despite the adversities imposed by both society and the blazing sun under which they toil.

    The 5432nd Greatest Book of All Time