Tatyana Tolstaya

Tatyana Tolstaya is a renowned Russian author and public intellectual, known for her fiction and essays. Born into the famous Tolstoy family, she has established her own reputation in the literary world. Her works often explore themes of memory, history, and post-Soviet Russian society. She has received critical acclaim for her sharp prose and insightful commentary on contemporary issues.


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  1. 1. On The Golden Porch

    "On The Golden Porch" is a collection of short stories that delve into the lives of various characters in Soviet Russia, exploring themes of memory, history, and the complexities of human experience. The narrative weaves through the mundane and the extraordinary, painting vivid portraits of individuals as they navigate the peculiarities of their existence. With a blend of magical realism and sharp social observation, the stories capture the essence of Russian culture and psyche during a time of great change, revealing the resilience and richness of the human spirit in the face of the absurdities of life.