Edna Wilder

Edna Wilder is known for her works that capture the essence of Alaskan Native life and culture. She is the author of 'Once Upon an Eskimo Time,' which recounts her mother's stories of growing up in an Inupiat Eskimo village.


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  1. 1. Once Upon An Eskimo Time

    This book is a heartfelt collection of stories and memories that offer a window into the traditional lifestyle of the Inupiat Eskimos of Alaska. The narrative, rich with cultural heritage, is a personal account from the author's own experiences growing up in a remote village. It captures the essence of a community bound by survival, tradition, and the rhythms of the Arctic environment. Through tales of hunting, fishing, and sharing, the book paints a vivid picture of the values and practices that have sustained the Inupiat people for generations, while also touching on the challenges and changes brought by contact with the outside world.

    The 7028th Greatest Book of All Time