Margret Wittmer

Margret Wittmer was a German author known for her book 'Floreana: A Woman's Pilgrimage to the Galapagos,' which recounts her experiences living on the Galapagos Islands.


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  1. 1. Postlagernd Floreana

    The book is a captivating memoir that recounts the extraordinary experiences of a woman and her family who, in the 1930s, left their conventional life behind to start anew on the remote Galápagos island of Floreana. The narrative delves into the challenges they faced, from harsh living conditions to mysterious events, including the arrival of eccentric settlers and the unexplained disappearances that later sparked rumors and intrigue. The author's personal account provides a unique glimpse into the pioneering spirit of the era and the allure of untamed nature, while also painting a vivid portrait of human resilience and the complexities of seeking paradise off the beaten path.

    The 3462nd Greatest Book of All Time