Fabienne Verdier

Fabienne Verdier is a contemporary French artist known for her large-scale abstract paintings that often incorporate elements of Chinese calligraphy. She spent over a decade studying in China, where she learned traditional ink painting techniques from Chinese masters. Verdier's work is characterized by a fusion of Eastern and Western artistic traditions, and she is recognized for her unique approach to painting, which often involves the use of large, custom-made brushes and spontaneous, gestural strokes.


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  1. 1. Passagère Du Silence

    "Passagère du Silence" is a memoir that chronicles the transformative journey of a young Western woman who immerses herself in the ancient traditions of Chinese art and philosophy. Seeking to understand the depths of Chinese painting, she endures years of rigorous training under the tutelage of venerable Chinese masters, navigating cultural barriers and personal challenges. Her narrative weaves together her artistic growth with introspective reflections, revealing how the disciplined practice of calligraphy and painting leads to profound insights into the nature of silence, creativity, and the human spirit. Through her experiences, the memoir explores the fusion of Eastern and Western perspectives, ultimately portraying a quest for universal truths within the realm of art.