Luis Sepúlveda

Luis Sepúlveda was a Chilean writer and journalist, known for his novels, short stories, and essays. He gained international fame with his novel 'The Old Man Who Read Love Stories'. Sepúlveda was also an activist and environmentalist, having worked with organizations such as Greenpeace.


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  1. 1. The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

    The book tells the story of an elderly man who, having settled in a remote Amazonian village, develops a passion for reading romance novels to escape the monotony of his daily life. His peaceful existence is disrupted when he is called upon to track down an ocelot that has been killing the local villagers' animals. As he ventures into the jungle, his journey becomes both a physical and emotional adventure, intertwining his love of literature with his deep respect for nature, and ultimately leading him to confront not only the wild cat but also the complexities of human nature and love.

    The 6402nd Greatest Book of All Time