Jean Echenoz

Jean Echenoz is a renowned French author known for his novels that often blend elements of adventure, biography, and historical fiction. He has received several prestigious literary awards, including the Prix Goncourt.


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  1. 1. Big Blondes

    "Big Blondes" is a satirical novel that delves into the frenzied pursuit of a reclusive former pop star, Gloria Stella. After deciding to vanish from the public eye, Gloria becomes the target of a relentless documentary filmmaker determined to track her down for a career-defining exposé. The narrative unfolds as a humorous and thrilling chase across various countries, weaving through absurd situations and eccentric characters. The novel critiques celebrity culture and the media's obsessive fascination with public figures, all delivered with sharp wit and a playful tone.

    The 6729th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. I'm Gone

    The novel is a captivating tale of intrigue and identity, following the story of an enigmatic art dealer who decides to abandon his life without warning. He leaves behind his wife and career, embarking on a journey that takes him across Europe with a suitcase filled with money from a dubious source. As he navigates through his newfound freedom, he is pursued by various characters, including his wife and an assortment of individuals with their own vested interests. The narrative unfolds with a blend of humor and suspense, exploring themes of escape, transformation, and the elusive nature of self.

    The 7078th Greatest Book of All Time