Martin Winckler

Martin Winckler is a French M.D. and a prolific author known for his works on medical ethics and patient care. He has written numerous books and articles, often focusing on the relationship between doctors and patients.


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  1. 1. The Case Of Dr Sachs

    The book is a compelling narrative that delves into the life and practice of a compassionate and unconventional French general practitioner. Through a series of vignettes and patient encounters, the novel explores the intricacies of the doctor-patient relationship, the challenges of the medical profession, and the ethical dilemmas faced by physicians. The protagonist's approach to medicine is deeply humanistic, focusing on the individual needs of his patients rather than strictly adhering to medical protocols. His dedication to his work and the personal stories of those he treats paint a vivid portrait of a small community and the pivotal role a caring doctor plays within it.

    The 9051st Greatest Book of All Time