Chanel Miller

Chanel Miller is an American writer and artist. She is best known for her memoir 'Know My Name,' which recounts her experience as a survivor of sexual assault and her journey through the legal system.


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  1. 1. Know My Name

    The book is a powerful and transformative memoir by a young woman who reclaimed her identity after being known to the world as "Emily Doe" in a highly publicized sexual assault case. With unflinching honesty and profound eloquence, she shares her harrowing experience of trauma and the grueling path through the criminal justice system. Her narrative goes beyond the assault and its aftermath, delving into the societal attitudes toward sexual assault and the personal journey of healing and empowerment. Her story is a testament to resilience, a call to change the culture that shames survivors, and an inspiration for others to assert their own identity and tell their truth.

    The 9828th Greatest Book of All Time