Susan Spann

Susan Spann is an American author known for writing the Hiro Hattori mystery series, which is set in sixteenth-century Japan and features a ninja detective protagonist. She has a background in Asian studies and law, which she incorporates into her historical fiction works. Spann is also recognized for her Climb 2020 project, where she aimed to climb 100 Japanese mountains in a single year.


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  1. 1. Claws Of The Cat

    Set in 16th-century Japan, this historical mystery follows a master ninja, Hiro, and a Portuguese Jesuit priest, Father Mateo, as they work together to solve the murder of a samurai. When a geisha is accused of the crime, the duo has only three days to find the true killer before she is forced to commit seppuku, a ritual suicide. Their investigation takes them through the dangerous back alleys of Kyoto, delving into the secretive worlds of the samurai, the geisha, and the ninja themselves, revealing a web of intrigue and betrayal that threatens to tear the very fabric of society apart.

    The 8627th Greatest Book of All Time