Terry Hayes

Terry Hayes is a British-Australian author, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for his 2013 international bestselling novel 'I Am Pilgrim', a thriller that has garnered widespread acclaim and has been published in many countries. Prior to his success as a novelist, Hayes had a successful career in screenwriting, with credits including 'Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior', 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome', and 'Dead Calm'. His work in film has contributed to his reputation for crafting compelling narratives with a cinematic quality.


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  1. 1. I Am Pilgrim

    The book is a gripping espionage thriller that follows a retired intelligence agent known only by his codename, Pilgrim, who is drawn back into the world of covert operations to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack. The protagonist is a master of disguise and forensic investigation, and he must use all his skills to track down a brilliant adversary who has crafted an unstoppable bio-terrorism plot. As Pilgrim races against time across international borders, he uncovers a chilling connection to his own past, forcing him to confront the moral ambiguities of his clandestine profession and the haunting memories he has tried to leave behind. The narrative weaves together intricate plotlines, rich character development, and a deep understanding of the darker aspects of global intelligence work.

    The 9814th Greatest Book of All Time