James Barr

James Barr is a British author and historian, known for his work on the history of the Middle East. He has written several acclaimed books, such as 'A Line in the Sand' and 'Lords of the Desert', which explore the political and diplomatic history of the region, particularly in relation to Western involvement and intervention.


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  1. 1. A Line In The Sand

    This book delves into the complex history of the modern Middle East, focusing on the post-World War I era when Britain and France drew arbitrary borders, creating new nations and sowing the seeds for future conflicts. It examines the clandestine struggle between these colonial powers as they vied for dominance in the region, often at the expense of the local populations. The narrative reveals how the duplicitous actions and broken promises of Western powers during this period set the stage for enduring turmoil and established a legacy of distrust and instability that continues to affect the geopolitics of the Middle East to this day.

    The 9684th Greatest Book of All Time