Bill Connolly

Gerald Edward Connolly (born March 30, 1950) is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for Virginia's 11th congressional district, first elected in 2008. The district is anchored in Fairfax County, an affluent suburban county west of Washington, D.C. It includes all of Fairfax City and part of Prince William County. Connolly is a member of the Democratic Party.


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  1. 1. Tall Tales And Wee Stories

    "Tall Tales And Wee Stories" is a collection of humorous anecdotes and reflections from a beloved comedian's life and career. The book is a treasure trove of laughter, wisdom, and the occasional poignant moment, showcasing the author's storytelling prowess and unique perspective on life. Through a series of entertaining narratives, the reader is taken on a journey through the comedian's early days in show business, his observations on everyday absurdities, and his experiences on the road, all delivered with his signature wit and charm. This compilation serves as a celebration of a lifetime in comedy and an invitation to share in the joy of his uproarious adventures.

    The 10536th Greatest Book of All Time