Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay is an American author, best known for his novels about the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan. These books formed the basis for the popular television series 'Dexter'. His works are characterized by their thrilling narratives and dark humor.


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  1. 1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter

    The book centers on a Miami-based blood spatter analyst for the police department, who leads a double life as a serial killer with a unique code of ethics. By day, he is a charming, socially awkward forensics expert, but by night, he channels his compulsion to kill into a vigilant quest to hunt down murderers who have escaped justice. His life becomes complicated when a new serial killer, whose methods are eerily similar to his own, arrives in Miami and he must outwit the police, his coworkers, and the new adversary to maintain his carefully constructed facade and satisfy his darker urges.

    The 8213th Greatest Book of All Time