José F. Buscaglia-Salgado

José Francisco Buscaglia is a Puerto Rican philosopher, historian, social scientist, academic, author, and journalist. He is a professor in the Department of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies at Northeastern University.Buscaglia’s research interests are directed towards aspects of history and contemporary society, focusing on the construction of racial difference, collective memory, Creole ideology, colonialism, US imperialism, dictatorship, and citizenship rights. His work follows a cross-cultural studies approach to the history of the peoples of the Greater Caribbean under Spanish and US hegemony. He is the author of Undoing Empire, Race, and Nation in the Mulatto Caribbean. He has also edited and translated the works of 17th-century Spanish intellectual and Mexico City native, Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora.


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  1. 1. Infortunios De Alonso Ramirez / The Misfortunes Of Alonso Ramirez

    The book chronicles the harrowing adventures of Alonso Ramírez, a Puerto Rican man who, after being forced into piracy, endures a series of calamitous events at sea and across various lands. Captured by pirates, he survives shipwrecks, enslavement, and numerous hardships before eventually making his way back to Spanish territory. His story, which is presented as a true account, blurs the lines between fact and fiction, offering a unique perspective on colonial life, maritime culture, and the struggles of individuals caught between different worlds during the late 17th century.

    The 4612th Greatest Book of All Time