Harriet de Onís

Harriet de Onís was an American translator known for her translations of Latin American literature into English. She played a significant role in introducing Latin American authors to the English-speaking world.


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  1. 1. Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands

    In this vibrant and humorous novel, we follow the life of a young Brazilian widow, Dona Flor, who is renowned for her irresistible culinary talents and her dedication to her students at the cooking school she runs. After the untimely death of her wild, irresponsible, but passionately loved first husband, she eventually remarries a man who is the polar opposite: kind, considerate, and utterly devoted, yet lacking the fiery passion of her first spouse. Her life takes an unexpected turn when her first husband's ghost returns, leading to a peculiar and comedic arrangement where she finds herself juggling the affections and demands of both her deceased and living husbands, challenging her notions of love, marriage, and fidelity in a tale that celebrates the complexity of human relationships and the cultural tapestry of Brazilian society.

    The 4645th Greatest Book of All Time