Clare Booth Luce

Clare Boothe Luce was an American author, politician, U.S. Ambassador, and public conservative figure. She was the first American woman appointed to a major ambassadorial post abroad and was also a playwright and editor.


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  1. 1. The Women

    The play in question is a satirical commentary on the lives of Manhattan socialites and the pettiness of their ostensibly glamorous world. Through a cast composed entirely of women, it delves into themes of friendship, betrayal, and the cutthroat social standings of its characters. The narrative centers around the protagonist's discovery of her husband's infidelity and her subsequent journey through gossip, backstabbing, and the quest for personal growth and independence amidst the high society of the 1930s. The play is a sharp critique of the superficial relationships and the power dynamics among women within the upper crust of society.

    The 6170th Greatest Book of All Time