David Henry Hwang

David Henry Hwang is an American playwright, librettist, screenwriter, and theater professor, best known for his plays such as 'M. Butterfly' and 'Chinglish'. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work, including the Tony Award for Best Play.


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  1. 1. M. Butterfly

    In this dramatic play, an unconventional romance unfolds between a French diplomat and a mysterious Chinese opera singer. The diplomat becomes infatuated with the singer, who he believes to be a woman, only to have his perceptions of love, gender, and cultural identity challenged. As their affair deepens over two decades, the diplomat remains oblivious to the singer's true gender and the political espionage at play. The story, inspired by real events, ultimately explores themes of Orientalism, the fluidity of identity, and the devastating consequences of deception and self-delusion.

    The 6910th Greatest Book of All Time