Marcy Dermansky

Marcy Dermansky is an American author known for her novels 'Bad Marie,' 'The Red Car,' and 'Very Nice.' Her work often features dark humor and complex female protagonists.


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  1. 1. Bad Marie

    The novel follows the story of a woman recently released from prison who takes a job as a nanny for her childhood friend. Her life takes a tumultuous turn when she becomes romantically involved with her friend's husband and subsequently flees to Paris with their child. Throughout the story, the protagonist's flawed yet compelling character is explored as she grapples with her desires, the consequences of her impulsive actions, and her search for redemption and meaning in a life marred by poor decisions and a challenging past. Her journey is one of self-discovery, recklessness, and the complex nature of human relationships.

    The 10918th Greatest Book of All Time