Will Chancellor

Will Chancellor is an author known for his novel 'A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall'.


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  1. 1. A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall

    The novel follows the transformative journey of a young, talented water polo player who suffers a life-altering injury that leaves him blind in one eye, dashing his Olympic dreams. In search of meaning and identity, he embarks on an odyssey that takes him from California to Iceland, where he immerses himself in the art world, adopting a new persona and grappling with the complex interplay between creativity, ambition, and the quest for authenticity. As his father, a classics professor, sets out to find him, the story delves into themes of paternal love, personal discovery, and the pursuit of greatness, all set against a backdrop of mythological references and the high stakes of the international art scene.

    The 10970th Greatest Book of All Time