Lars Iyer

Lars Iyer is a British author and philosopher known for his novels and academic work. He has written several books, including the critically acclaimed 'Spurious' trilogy and 'Wittgenstein Jr.' His work often explores themes of philosophy, literature, and existentialism.


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  1. 1. Wittgenstein Jr.

    The novel follows a group of Cambridge philosophy students under the guidance of their enigmatic and often perplexing lecturer, whom they nickname Wittgenstein Jr due to his philosophical intensity and resemblance to the famous philosopher. Throughout the academic year, the students grapple with their own intellectual and existential crises while being drawn into their lecturer's personal quest to forge a philosophical path that both honors and challenges the legacy of his namesake. The narrative weaves together themes of youth, academia, and the struggle for meaning in a style that is both humorous and deeply reflective.

    The 10417th Greatest Book of All Time