Samanta Schweblin

Samanta Schweblin is an Argentinian author known for her short stories and novels. Her work often explores themes of surrealism and psychological tension. She has received international acclaim for her books, including 'Fever Dream' and 'Little Eyes'.


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  1. 1. Fever Dream

    "Fever Dream" is a gripping and unsettling narrative that unfolds as a conversation between a woman named Amanda, who is lying in a rural hospital bed, and a young boy named David, who urgently prompts her to recount the events leading up to her illness. Through their dialogue, a sense of dread builds as Amanda recalls the strange occurrences and the sense of impending doom she felt while vacationing in the countryside. Central to the story is the theme of maternal love and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child, as well as the mysterious connection between Amanda's daughter and David. The novel's fragmented and hallucinatory style creates a disorienting experience, reflecting the title's suggestion of a dream-like state where reality blurs with nightmare, leaving the reader to piece together the haunting puzzle.

    The 10970th Greatest Book of All Time