Eric Puchner

Eric Puchner is an American author known for his works of fiction, including the novel 'Model Home' and the short story collection 'Music Through the Floor.' He has received several awards and his work has been published in various literary magazines.


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  1. 1. Model Home

    The novel explores the unraveling of an American family's pursuit of the dream in the 1980s as they move to a desert suburb in California where their hopes and aspirations begin to crumble. The narrative delves into the complexities of familial relationships and individual struggles, as the family members confront their own personal disappointments, financial distress, and emotional breakdowns. Their journey is marked by a tragic accident that further exacerbates their turmoil, leading each character to cope in different ways, revealing the fragile nature of their bonds and the illusions of their once-idealized life.

    The 10918th Greatest Book of All Time