Suzanne Brogger

Suzanne Brøgger is a Danish writer, novelist, and essayist known for her candid exploration of complex social issues and personal identity in her work. Her writing often challenges traditional gender roles and societal norms, and she has been a prominent figure in Scandinavian literature since the 1970s.


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  1. 1. Deliver Us From Love

    "Deliver Us From Love" is a provocative exploration of the complexities of love and human relationships, set against the backdrop of contemporary society. The narrative delves into the lives of various characters, each grappling with their own romantic and existential dilemmas. Through a series of interconnected stories, the book examines the paradoxes of love—its capacity to both liberate and imprison individuals. The author challenges conventional notions of love, fidelity, and happiness, offering a candid and often unsettling look at the desires and contradictions that drive human behavior.

    The 4396th Greatest Book of All Time