Kate Zambreno

Kate Zambreno is an American author known for her works of fiction, memoir, and criticism. She is recognized for her explorations of the intersections between literature, art, and feminism.


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  1. 1. Heroines

    "Heroines" is a critical commentary and manifesto that delves into the lives and works of the wives and muses of famous 20th-century writers, exploring the ways in which these women, who were often writers and artists themselves, have been marginalized and pathologized by both their partners and society at large. The book blends memoir, literary analysis, and feminist theory to challenge the historical erasure of these women's contributions, examining the gendered biases that have led to their diminished legacies. The author interweaves her own experiences with those of the subjects, creating a powerful narrative that seeks to reclaim the narratives of these forgotten women and expose the systemic injustices that silenced their voices.

    The 9859th Greatest Book of All Time