Bryan Washington

Bryan Washington is an American author and writer known for his work focusing on the diverse urban life in Houston, Texas. He has written for various esteemed publications and is recognized for his unique voice and perspective in contemporary fiction. His notable works include the short story collection 'Lot' and the novel 'Memorial', which have earned him critical acclaim and several literary awards.


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  1. 1. Memorial

    The novel is a poignant exploration of love, family, and identity, following the complex relationship between two young men, Benson and Mike, living in Houston. When Mike flies to Japan to care for his dying father, leaving Benson with his visiting mother, the narrative delves into themes of cultural dissonance, personal growth, and the challenges of intimacy. As both characters grapple with their own internal struggles and familial duties, the story unfolds through their alternating perspectives, offering a raw and tender look at the intricacies of human connections and the ways in which we seek to find and define home.

    The 10075th Greatest Book of All Time