J. M. Ledgard

J. M. Ledgard is a British author and journalist known for his novels and his work as a correspondent for The Economist. His writing often explores themes of nature, technology, and global issues. Notable works include 'Giraffe', a novel based on the true story of a group of giraffes in a Czechoslovakian zoo during the Cold War, and 'Submergence', a story that intertwines the lives of a British spy and a marine biologist. Ledgard's work is characterized by its deep research, lyrical prose, and the exploration of complex subjects.


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  1. 1. Submergence

    This novel intertwines the lives of two characters: James More, a British spy captured by jihadist fighters in Somalia, and Danielle Flinders, a biomathematician exploring the depths of the ocean. As they face their respective forms of isolation and danger, their thoughts drift to a Christmas past spent together in a French hotel, where they fell in love. Through their separate yet parallel experiences, the narrative explores themes of love, the vastness of the human spirit, and the profound connections between the ocean's depths and the most remote desert lands, highlighting the fragility and depth of human existence in the face of the natural world's immensity.

    The 10913th Greatest Book of All Time