Hans-Georg Gadamer

Hans-Georg Gadamer was a German philosopher of the continental tradition, best known for his 1960 magnum opus 'Truth and Method' on hermeneutics.


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  1. 1. Truth And Method

    This philosophical work delves into the nature of human understanding, arguing against the view that knowledge is solely derived from scientific method. Instead, it posits that truth and meaning emerge from historical and cultural contexts, emphasizing the importance of dialogue, language, and tradition in shaping our comprehension of the world. The text critiques the objectivity claimed by Enlightenment thinkers, proposing a hermeneutic approach that acknowledges the subjective nature of interpretation and the interplay between the interpreter and the subject matter. Through this lens, the author explores the dynamics of understanding across various disciplines, including art, history, and the human sciences, ultimately advocating for a fusion of horizons where past and present meanings merge.

    The 4142nd Greatest Book of All Time