George Johnson

George Johnson is an American science writer known for his books and articles on scientific topics. His works often explore the intersections of science, technology, and human experience, making complex subjects accessible and engaging to a broad audience. Johnson's writing has been recognized for its clarity, depth, and ability to convey the wonder and intricacies of scientific discovery.


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  1. 1. Fire In The Mind

    This book delves into the intricate relationship between science, religion, and the search for meaning in the universe, set against the backdrop of Los Alamos, New Mexico—a place synonymous with the birth of the atomic bomb. The narrative explores how the quest for ultimate answers about the beginning of the universe and the fundamental nature of reality has shaped human thought across cultures and epochs. Through a blend of history, science, and philosophy, the author examines the human fascination with understanding the cosmos, weaving together stories of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project with broader reflections on the drive to find coherence in the complexity of the universe. This thought-provoking work challenges readers to ponder the deep questions of existence and the fiery human mind's role in the quest for knowledge and meaning.

    The 6381st Greatest Book of All Time