Edward Bellamy

Edward Bellamy was an American author and socialist, most famous for his utopian novel 'Looking Backward: 2000–1887', published in 1888. The book inspired the formation of numerous 'Bellamy Clubs' dedicated to discussing and propagating his ideas about a future society based on equality and cooperation.


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  1. 1. Looking Backward, 2000 1887

    This novel is a utopian science fiction story that begins in late 19th-century America, where the protagonist falls into a deep sleep only to awaken in the year 2000. He finds himself in a radically transformed society where social and economic injustices have been rectified through the establishment of a harmonious, cooperative world. The narrative explores the contrasts between the world of 1887, marked by inequality and inefficiency, and the year 2000, where a socialist paradise has been achieved, highlighting the author's critique of the social and economic issues of his time and his vision for a better future through reform and moral progress.

    The 4084th Greatest Book of All Time