David Stumpf

David Hart (4 February 1944 – 5 January 2011) was an English writer, businessman, and adviser to Margaret Thatcher. He also had a career in the 1960s as an avant-garde filmmaker. He was a controversial figure during the 1984–85 miners' strike and played a leading role in organising and funding the anti-strike campaign in the coalfields.


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  1. 1. Titan Ii

    This book provides a comprehensive history of the Titan II missile program, detailing its role as a key component of America's Cold War nuclear arsenal. It delves into the technical specifications, operational history, and strategic significance of the Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which was the largest and most powerful ICBM deployed by the United States during the Cold War. The narrative also covers the challenges and accidents associated with managing such a potent weapon system, offering insights into the complexities of nuclear deterrence and the technological advancements in military weaponry during a tense period in global politics. Through meticulous research and detailed accounts, the book sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of America's nuclear history and the delicate balance of power that defined the Cold War era.

    The 8175th Greatest Book of All Time