Henry Glassie

Henry Glassie is a renowned American folklorist and author, known for his extensive work in the field of folklore and vernacular architecture. He has published numerous books and articles on these subjects, contributing significantly to the understanding of cultural history and traditions.


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  1. 1. Passing The Time In Ballymenone

    "Passing the Time in Ballymenone" is an immersive ethnographic study that delves into the rich oral traditions and community life of a small, rural village in Northern Ireland. The book explores how the residents of Ballymenone, through storytelling, music, and historical narrative, preserve and shape their cultural identity amidst the backdrop of political conflict and social change. The author meticulously documents the everyday conversations and interactions among the villagers, offering a profound insight into the ways in which folklore and cultural practices are interwoven with individual lives and collective memory.

    The 8751st Greatest Book of All Time