G.E.M. de Ste. Croix

Geoffrey Ernest Maurice de Ste. Croix was a British historian, known for his work on ancient Greek history and the classical world. He was particularly noted for his analysis of the social and economic structures of ancient Greece.


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  1. 1. The Class Struggle In The Ancient Greek World

    "The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World" is a comprehensive historical analysis that explores the dynamics of class conflict from the earliest times in ancient Greece up to the Roman Empire. The book delves into how social and economic factors shaped class relations and examines the extent to which class struggle influenced political developments and historical outcomes in the ancient world. Through meticulous examination of sources and evidence, the work challenges traditional views of ancient society by highlighting the significance of class divisions and conflicts as central elements in the historical progression of the Greek and Roman periods.

    The 6460th Greatest Book of All Time