Henry Green




Henry Green was the pen name of Henry Vincent Yorke (29 October 1905 – 13 December 1973), an English author best remembered for the novels Party Going, Living and Loving. He published a total of nine novels between 1926 and 1952.





The best books of all time by Henry Green

  1. 345 . Loving by Henry Green

    Loving tells the story of the servants in Kinalty Castle, an upper-class Irish household during World War II.

  2. 820 . Blindness by Henry Green

    "Blindness is a major novel . . . Every character and every scene is shot through with significance after significance." The Times [London]

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  3. 822 . Living by Henry Green

    LIVING, as an early novel, marks the beginning of Henry Green's career as a writer who made his name by exploring class distinctions through the medium of love. Set in an iron foundry in Birmingham...

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  4. 1129 . Back by Henry Green

    Back is a novel written by British writer Henry Green and published in 1946.

  5. 2005 . Party Going by Henry Green

    A group of rich, spoiled and idle young people heading off on a winter holiday are stranded at a railway station when their train is delayed by thick, enclosing fog. PARTY GOING describes their fou...

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