George Grossmith

George Grossmith was an English comedian, writer, composer, actor, and singer. He is best known for his collaboration with Gilbert and Sullivan, having created roles in their operas, and for his 1892 comic novel 'Diary of a Nobody', which he co-authored with his brother Weedon Grossmith. Born on December 9, 1847, in London, he became one of the leading comic actors of his time and contributed significantly to the world of musical theatre and literature before his death on March 1, 1912.


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  1. 1. The Diary of a Nobody

    "The Diary of a Nobody" is a humorous account of the daily life of Charles Pooter, a middle-class clerk living in London. The novel, written in diary format, details Pooter's experiences, social anxieties, and domestic issues with a comic touch. His encounters with tradesmen, his social gaffes, and his relationship with his son, who has a very different lifestyle, form the crux of the story. Despite the mundane nature of his life, Pooter's self-importance and serious demeanor contribute to the humor and charm of the book.

    The 838th Greatest Book of All Time