Irving Babbitt

Irving Babbitt was an American academic and literary critic, renowned for his contributions to the field of literary criticism and his influence on the New Humanism movement. Born on August 2, 1865, and passing away on July 15, 1933, Babbitt was a significant figure in early 20th-century conservative thought. He was a professor of French literature at Harvard University and criticized both romanticism and naturalism, advocating for a return to classical standards. His works include 'Literature and the American College' (1908) and 'Democracy and Leadership' (1924).


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  1. 1. Democracy and Leadership

    "Democracy and Leadership" is a critical examination of modern democracy, its strengths, and its potential weaknesses. The author delves into the nature of leadership within democratic systems, questioning the effects of populism and mass movements on the quality of leaders. He argues for a balance between individual freedom and societal responsibility, advocating for a more ethical and principled approach to leadership. The book also explores the impact of humanism and romanticism on democratic thought, suggesting that these philosophies can either enhance or undermine the democratic process.