Norman Douglas

Norman Douglas was a British writer, best known for his 1917 novel 'South Wind'. His work, often controversial for its time, explored social and moral issues. Douglas's travel books, such as 'Siren Land' and 'Old Calabria', were also highly regarded for their insightful descriptions of Southern Italy.


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  1. 1. Looking Back

    "Looking Back" is a memoir that provides a detailed account of the author's life, experiences, and travels. The author reflects on his encounters with various personalities, his explorations of different cultures, and his observations about the world. The book offers a unique perspective on life, relationships, and human nature, all delivered with a sharp wit and a keen eye for detail.

  2. 2. South Wind

    Set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Nepenthe, the narrative unfolds as a diverse cast of eccentric expatriates and natives engage in philosophical discussions and indulge in the hedonistic pursuits characteristic of the island's culture. The central theme revolves around the clash between the island's permissive morals and the more conservative values of the outside world, with the plot meandering through various anecdotes and character studies rather than following a traditional linear progression. The novel is a satirical exploration of human nature, freedom, and the search for happiness, all set against the backdrop of a sun-drenched, idyllic landscape that seems to encourage both personal reflection and the shedding of societal constraints.