Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Louis-Ferdinand Céline was a French novelist, pamphleteer and physician. He is best known for his works 'Journey to the End of the Night' (1932) and 'Death on the Installment Plan' (1936). His literary style is marked by its use of slang and vulgar language, innovative style, and a pessimistic view of human nature. Despite his literary contributions, Céline's legacy is controversial due to his anti-Semitic writings and collaboration with the Nazis during World War II.


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  1. 1. Journey to the End of The Night

    The novel is a semi-autobiographical work that explores the harsh realities of life through the cynical and disillusioned eyes of the protagonist. The narrative follows his experiences from the trenches of World War I, through the African jungles, to the streets of America and the slums of Paris, showcasing the horrors of war, colonialism, and the dark side of human nature. The protagonist's journey is marked by his struggle with despair, loneliness, and the absurdity of existence, offering a bleak yet profound commentary on the human condition.

  2. 2. Death on Credit

    "Death on Credit" is a semi-autobiographical novel that explores the life of a young Frenchman in Paris during the early 20th century. The protagonist, a medical student from a poor family, struggles with the harsh realities of life, including poverty, sickness, and death. The narrative is marked by its dark humor, cynicism, and scathing critique of society, reflecting the author's own experiences and views. The protagonist's journey is a constant struggle against the absurdity and despair of existence, depicted through a series of episodic adventures and misadventures.