Jonathan Weiner

Jonathan Weiner is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist, known for his work on the natural world and genetics. He has written several popular science books, including 'The Beak of the Finch', which won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1995. Weiner's writing is celebrated for its clarity, insight, and ability to convey complex scientific ideas to a general audience.


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. Time, Love, Memory

    "Time, Love, Memory" is a scientific exploration of the genetic basis of behavior, focusing on the groundbreaking research of Nobel Prize-winning biologist Seymour Benzer. The book delves into Benzer's work with fruit flies to uncover the genetic roots of time, love, and memory, and how genes shape behavior. It also provides a comprehensive look at the history and future of genetics and its impact on our understanding of life and evolution.

    The 9563rd Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time

    This book documents the work of two scientists who spent twenty years on a remote island in the Galapagos, studying finches in order to understand Darwin's theory of evolution. The book follows their journey and discoveries, revealing that the finches evolve in real time as their environment changes. It provides a compelling and accessible exploration of the process of natural selection and offers a vivid demonstration of evolution in action.

    The 10540th Greatest Book of All Time