Michael Dorris

Michael Anthony Dorris was an American novelist and scholar who was the first Chair of the Native American Studies program at Dartmouth. He is known for his works that explore Native American themes and issues, including his acclaimed novel 'A Yellow Raft in Blue Water'.


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  1. 1. The Broken Cord

    This book is a poignant memoir of a single man who adopts a three-year-old American Indian boy, only to discover several years later that his son suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, a condition that was not well understood at the time. The narrative chronicles the man's journey to understand and cope with his son's condition, while also shedding light on the devastating effects of alcohol abuse on unborn children. The book also delves into the broader social issues surrounding Native American communities and the systemic problems that contribute to alcoholism among these populations.

    The 10628th Greatest Book of All Time